Mystique Collection Q&A With Design Director Sarah Williamson

Mystique Collection

Q&A With Design Director Sarah Williamson

How did you first get the idea for the Mystique Collection?

This collection was inspired by international travel, which we were all longing for when we first concepted this collection. The allure and whimsical feeling of traveling to a fun, new destination and exploring was the spark for this vibrant and bold collection.

What was your creative process for developing the designs?

We wanted this collection to be useable, yet a statement maker. Our inspiration was pulled from various references of European coastal tile and ceramics. The creative vision for this collection was then translated through the use of various techniques of embellishment.


What particular design needs or priorities does this collection fill?

I think there is always a need for statement fabrics, especially in today’s world where people want to incorporate elements that help to make their homes unique and beautiful. We wanted to marry these fabrics back to bold trimmings that stand on their own as well.

What types of environments or design aesthetics do you picture the collection in?

I think these designs will fit into various room settings and design aesthetics depending on the colorway used. I can see our Rainbow colorways in a globally inspired room filled with layers of details. The Goldensage colorways evoke a bohemian or earthy feeling. I can also envision our Ocean colorways being used in a more transitional coastal setting.



If you were going to add something from the collection to your own home, which pattern would you choose and in what color?

I would love to do drapery trimmed with T288-Roam color Goldensage and an accent chair in 7198-Galavant color Goldensage in my living room. I have a lot of light oak elements as well as bright whites and greens in my home — these fabrics in the Goldensage colorway would be such a great eye-catching pop of color!

Is there anything else designers should know about the collection?

The Mystique Collection was a labor of love that was over a year in the making. We are very excited to present these fabrics and trims to the design trade, and hope everyone will love them as much as we do!



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