Pindlerintroduces Mystique Collection Exclusive fabric and trim collection captures allure of international travel

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Pindlerintroduces Mystique Collection

Exclusive fabric and trim collection captures allure of international travel

MOORPARK, Calif. (June 8, 2022) — Pindler’s new,exclusive Mystique Collection was inspired by international travel, which everyone was longing for when this collection was first concepted. The allure and whimsical feeling of traveling to a fun, new destination sparked the idea for this vibrant and bold collection.

Incorporating a kaleidoscope of colorways, these eye-catching fabric and trim designs were inspired by the mystique of European coastal tiles and ceramics.The four fabric designs and four trim designs feature various techniques of embellishment and coordinate perfectly together while also standing out on their own. Each pattern truly evokes the feeling of international travel, creating beautiful settings that transport you to breathtaking destinations in your mind.

The new fabrics included in the Mystique Collection are Voyage, Galavant, Odyssey and Passage. The trims include Roam, Quest, Navigate and Exploration.




This year, Pindler is celebrating its 75th anniversary. As the company reflects on more than seven decades of excellence in fabric design, the Pindler team is looking forward to releasing many more stunning fabric collections in the future, while continuing to provide industry-leading customer service.

The Mystique Collection is available online, as well as at Pindler’s 16 corporate showrooms and nine agent showrooms across the U.S., and two agent showrooms in Canada. For more information, visit


Pindler has spent 75 years in business perfecting the art of fabric design and development. By sourcing fabrics from all over the world, Pindler provides a unique and ever-expanding product assortment to the professional interior designer. Pindler is focused on the valued customer. The leading fabric company is committed to creating an extraordinary customer experience. Pindler offers the industry’s best outside sales force with hand placement of sampling as well as personal service and attention. The focus of its international network of showrooms is providing excellent customer service while offering an efficient, easy self-service memo program, which is ideal for the busy designer. To learn more about Pindler, please visit

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